Why We Need Summer Workation – Overview

The other sections of this site explore the benefits of optimizing teachers summers. However, why do we need an organization like Summer Workation? Why can’t teachers just do this on their own?

It isn’t easy finding something to do over the summer. Just think, at the student level we invest so much time and energy into helping students find the best opportunity for the summer (career centers, online internship sites etc). The hope is students can spend the summer months growing and become better students (the reality is growth does not stop just because one is a teacher).

The same services do not exist for teachers. Part of it has to do with scale. If a school only has 25 teachers (some of whom would like to relax over the summer) how can the school invest serious resources into helping teachers find workations? This is even less likely when schools are strapped for resources. At the individual level, teachers are often overwhelmed during the school year, which makes it difficult for them to find things to do over the summer.

Summer Workation exists not only because it is important for teachers to make the most of their summers, but also because there is real value in having a central place which will find and create workations for teachers.

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