Sample Workations

There hasn’t really been much creative thought placed into the different things teachers can do over the summer. At Summer Workation, we feel that teachers have a great set of diverse talents. In short, the workation possibilities are endless.

Here are some sample ideas:


  • Corporate internships where teachers design training material for new employees (a lot like creating curriculum/lesson plans)


  • Place teachers in Departments of Education where they can help policy makers get connected with classroom realities

Volunteering (a volunteeration!)

  • Connect teachers with international opportunities where they can teach or engage in other social work

Special Area of Expertise

  • Have teachers engage in internships that take advantage of their unique skills. Maybe place a music teacher in a recording studio or an English teacher at a newspaper.

By putting all of these ideas in one place, every teacher can have a greater set of summer options.

Do you have a workation idea? Send us an e-mail at We will explore the idea and let you know how it goes!

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