What is Summer Workation?

At its core Summer Workation is a simple idea – we hope to help teachers make the most of their summers by linking them up with workations (working vacation growth opportunities).

However, by providing this simple service, we at Summer Workation hope to tackle some of the bigger challenges facing education.

The Status Quo:
Currently teachers individually research and decide what they will do with their summer breaks. Some opt to take the time off, while many work (often to supplement their income). Teachers who work usually choose from a limited set of options. Some work in summer schools – an opportunity that is becoming less common as the number of summer schools shrink. Others work retail jobs (such as working in a store or as a pizza deliverer). While these opportunities help pay the bills, they often offer little growth potential for teachers and they rarely take full advantage of a teacher’s robust skill set.

The Summer Workation Solution:
Our hope is to change the status quo, while helping teachers grow and become better educators for our children. We plan to do this by cataloguing current and creating new high-profile summer growth opportunities that interest and stimulate our teachers (check out some of our sample workation ideas).

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